“Lap-steel whiz Myk Freedman excels at intensely evocative instrumentals that draw on Dixieland, klezmer and avant-garde jazz. His aesthetic is wistful yet subtly surreal.”
-Time Out New York
“Freedman’s ballads are some of the most gorgeous music in jazz right now.”
-David Dacks, Exclaim! Magazine

John Zorn and Myk FreedmanPerforming with John Zorn at the Stone, 2008

” . . . it is worth the price of admission to marvel at the bizarre, inspired lap steel solos from leader Myk Freedman”.
– Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

Myk Freedman is a 36-year-old Canada Council grant recipient, lap steel player, composer, arranger, and band leader.  In 2003 he moved from Toronto to NYC to study music and has since performed with John Zorn, William Parker, Elliot Sharp, Cyro Baptista and Kenney Wessel, as well as with countless others.  Myk’s compositions have been recorded by many of his own groups, as well as by ensembles: The MK Groove Orchestra, In a China Shop, and Laila and Smitty. In 2008, MARTIN & HAYNES, a Toronto duo made up of Justin Haynes and Jean Martin, released an entire record dedicated to his music, entitled FREEDMAN.  In 2009 they enlisted Ryan Driver to play the “ruler bass” to record and release a second album of his music entitled FREEDMAN Live at the Western Front. His arrangements have been premiered at world famous venues such as The Blue Note, John Zorn’s The Stone, The Knitting Factory and the 2004 Distillery Jazz Festival where he was nominated for the Emerging Artist Award.  In 2008, Myk worked with iconoclast John Oswald, arranging Strauss’ music for the Sun Ra Solar Arkestra.

Saint Dirt Elementary School CD release show, Toronto, 2009

As the leader of Saint Dirt Elementary School, Myk has released four positively received albums on the Canadian labels Barnyard Records, Oval Window Records, and Rat Drifting. For his last two records, Ice Cream Man Dreams and Abandoned Ballroom, he received funding from the Canada Council.

In 2017 he made his American recording debut as a band leader fronting Myk Freedman and the Mykfreedmans releasing their first self titled album on happylucky no.1 records.

An active member in the Brooklyn creative music scene since 2005 Myk can regularly be heard in various projects and ad hock ensembles led by local luminaries. As well he has been a consummate member of Kenny Warren’s otherworldly country band Laila and Smitty, Joey Weisenburg’s Hadar Ensemble (specializing in modern Jewish vocal music) and in Yoshie Fruchter’s Turkish-Americana mashup the Sandcatchers.

IMG_7821Erik Friedlander,  Myk, Yoni Halevy, Yoshie Fruchter and Michael Bates in the studio recording the debut Sandcatchers record, 2017.  Check it out here:

In the living room with the best photo bomber ever

unnamed (7)Playing with Bing and Ruth at Le Poisson Rouge, 2015

Saint Dirt Elementary School playing their 15 year anniversary celebration at the Music Gallery in Toronto, 2016.  Photo By Kevin Jones

“The style recalls the Sun Ra Arkestra — at once one of the most innovative groups and biggest practical jokes in jazz history — with a dash of Henry Mancini’s theme from The Pink Panther. A Freedman piece such as Dogs Are People Too sashays in like a burlesque version of a Thelonious Monk tune, but then Tania Gill’s organ flips into the heliosphere and Ryan Driver starts blowing on pieces of balloon rubber between his thumbs and we’re at the Star Wars cantina debating sock puppets with Liberace.”

–Carl Wilson, The Globe and Mail


“The thing I like most about Myk is that his lap steel’s made out of aluminum”.
-Grumpy Tree