Yoga Teaching

Myk began his yoga practice as a teenager, studying Iyengar for several years, followed by Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hatha. Maintaining a consistent home practice for over two decades has helped sustain him through life's challenges.

Inspired to share the techniques of yoga with others, Myk was trained in the style of Dharma Mittra and was certified in 2011 at the Brooklyn Yoga School. He co-founded the Brooklyn Yoga Collective, a sliding scale studio with the mission of making yoga accessible to all bodies, all ages, and all income levels in the community, while providing a model for equitable teacher pay.  
He started the Young Yogis program at the Brooklyn Yoga Collective, teaching weekly classes at the studio for kids ages 6 to 10, as well in public schools.
As a yoga teacher, he draws on his years of experience studying with a diverse array of highly skilled teachers as well as his personal connection to the practice honed through extensive self inquiry on the mat. With a focus on alignment and form, he tailors his teaching to those in the room and what they need in the moment. In 2017, Myk and his family moved from Brooklyn to Western Mass where yoga continues to infuse vibrancy and clarity into his life.

Myk currently teaches adults at Community Yoga in Greenfield as well as youth at The Center School.


“Myk’s yoga class has instilled in me an appreciation of the elements of each pose and how the poses all fit together. The consistency of the routine and practice enabled me to develop capacities that had previously eluded me, like being able to do a headstand! Myk set an intention for us to be able to maintain the practice on our own, and now I can confidently do that, with Myk’s voice in my head guiding me through it and gently correcting me as I embody each pose. He also encouraged us to trust our intuition, and this has supported me to modify and adapt the routine to fit with my daily needs and schedule.”
-Lisa Ranghelli

“Myk Freedman, best yoga teacher.”
-Tania Gill

“As someone who prefers to do yoga at home alone, I am always happy to leave the house for one of Myk’s classes. He is a thoughtful, attentive teacher who takes the time to get to know each of his students. His classes have an organic flow and he makes space for questions and observations that arise during practice. I have learned a lot about how my body moves from Myk, and I have deepened my practice with his specific, personalized feedback. I love that he provides ample support while also challenging me to try new things and stretch myself. He is kind, funny, and smart, and I leave his classes feeling both seen and renewed”. 
-Apple Gifford 

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