Below, a sample of some of the albums and tracks featuring Myk.
Scroll down for a complete discography.

Myk Freedman and Joey Weisenberg, Meditation One, 2021
Myk Playing Solo Guitar, 2021

Justin Haynes and Myk Freedman performing the music of Justin Orok, 2017

Myk Freedman and the Mykfreedmans, 2017
Sandcatchers, 2017
Myk playing Solo guitar, 2015


Select live sets from Myk’s psychedelic power trio with Chris Ball and Doug Plavin:


Selected Tracks


Kenny Warren’s Laila and Smitty, Self Titled, 2014

Performing Myk’s tune
He Talks to Machines (and sometimes they to him):


Myk Freedman and Alan Sondheim, Julu Twine, 2009

Track A:


.Saint Dirt Elementary School, Abandoned Ballroom, 2011

Zombies Love Dancin’ to This Number:


Joey Weisenberg, Transformation of a Nigun, 2012

Joey WeisenbergYonati:


Amazing Frozen String Quartet, Amazing Frozen String Quartet, 2008

The-Amazing-Frozen-String-Quartet-CD-coverWouldn’t it Be Nice?:


MK Groove Orchestra, Greatest Hits, 2006

mk groove orchestraPlaying Myk’s tune, The Kids Loved it So Much They Pulled Their Eyes Out:


Saint Dirt Elementary School, Ice Cream Man Dreams, 2009

The Bear Wrestler:


Selina Martin, Life Drawing Without Instructions, 2005

selina martinSaint Dirt teamed up with Selina to co-write and preform one track on her record: 11 Ways to Get Into the House:


Cosmo D’s Sauce, Recardo Move, 2009

sauceLeaded Leaves:


Bing and Ruth, Kentile Floors, 2007

kentile floorsPasha and Beetlejuice:


Saint Dirt Elementary School, Fall (in love) By April,2005

The Woman That Thinks Like a Cow:


Benjy Fox-Rosen, Tick Tock, 2010

tick tock


Joey Weisenberg and the Hadar Ensemble, Live in the Choir Loft, 2013

joeyDiego’s Nigun:


Avi Fox Rosen, One, 2007

All I’d Like to Say:


Saint Dirt Elementary School, Hangin’ Out With the Kid Who’d Eat Anything for a Dollar, 2003

North York Folk Music:


Complete Discography:

As a leader:

Myk Freedman and Joey Weisenberg – Meditation One – Rising Song Records, 2019
Myk Freedman and The Mykfreedmans –
self titled – happylucky no.1 records, 2017
Myk Freedman Solo –
Myk Freedman Plays Saint Dirt – North York Fplk Music Records, 2015 
Saint Dirt Elementary School
Abandoned Ballroom- Barnyard Records, 2011
Saint Dirt Elementary SchoolIce Cream Man Dream, Barnyard Records, 2009
Myk Freedman and Alan SondheimJulu Twine, Porter Records, 2009
Saint Dirt Elementary SchoolFall (in love) By April, Rat-drifting Records, 2005
Saint Dirt Elementary SchoolHanging Out with the Kid Who’d Eat Anything for a Dollar, Oval Window Records, 2003
Saint Dirt Elementary SchoolSaint Dirt Elementary School, independent (out of print), 2002

As a side person:

Deborah Sachs Mintz – The Narrow and the Expanse, Hadar 2020
Joey Weisenberg and the Hadar Ensemble –
Nigunim Vol. VII: Songs of Ascent,Hadar, 2019
Ryan Anselmi,
 Lookout Road, Artists Recording Collective, 2019
Ilusha Tsinadze, 
Yes and No, Independent, 2019
George Mordecai and the Hadar Ensemble,
Safra, Hadar, 2018
Greg Heffernan, Myk Freedman and Faith Harding,
Norwood Suite Soundtrack (for the video game of the same name), Independent, 2017
Myk Freedman and Justin Hayns, – 
Lead and Glide, Independent, 2017
Joey Weisenberg and the Hadar Ensemble –
Nigunim Vol. VI: By the Waters of Babylon, Hadar, 2017
Sandcatchers Featuring Eric Friedlander –
Along The Way, Chant Records, 2017 
Joey Weisenberg and the Hadar Ensemble –
Nigunim Vol. V: Songs From the City of Brotherly Love,Hadar, 2016
Woodshed Orchestra – Guestbook,
 Independent, 2015 
Bing and Ruth – City Lake (reissue),
RVNG. Intl, 2015
Joey WeisenbergJoey’s Nigunim Vol. IV, Brooklyn Spirituals, Hadar, 2015
Kenny Warren and Laila and Smitty – Vol 2, Pretty Polymorpheus, 2015
Kenny Warren and Laila and Smitty –
Laila and Smitty, Pretty Polymorpheous, 2014
Justin Haynes – Toronto You Belong Here – Happy Birthday by You, Me and Stephen, Independent, 2014
Joey WeisenbergJoey’s Nigunim Vol. III,Hadar, 2013
Joey WeisenbergJoey’s Nigunim Vol. II: Transformation of a Nigun,Hadar, 2012
Benjy Fox RosenTick Tock, independent, 2011
Light Sweet Crude Featuring Rez AbbasiListen to the Colour, independent, 2011
Hugh Oliver – Melologues, Noodilly Noodilly Wow Records, 2010
Bing and RuthCity Lake, Happy Talk, 2010
Cosmo D’s SauceRecardo, Move, Smooth Moose, 2009
Barnyard DramaChristmas Singing Volume 6, Barnyard Records, 2009
Avi Fox RosenOne, Frosenox, 2008
Amazing Frozen String QuartetAmazing Frozen String Quartet, Frosenox, 2008
Cosmo D’s SauceSauce, independent, 2007
Aaron Berg and the Heavy LoveSongs For Madame X, independent, 2007
Sam Howard BandOut Tonight, independent, 2007
Bing and RuthKentile Floors, independent, 2007
Alex LukashevskyConnexions, North East Indie, 2006
Bing and RuthBing and Ruth, independent, 2006
MK Groove OrchestraGreatest Hits, independent, 2006
Selina MartinLife Drawing Without Instruction, Selma, 2005
Ronlee TepperCornered in the Alley, independent, 2004
Michelle RaskyYour Love’s Like Spring, independent, 2004

As a Composer (but not a performer):

Martin, Haynes and DriverFreedman at the Western Front, Barnyard Records, 2009
Martin and HaynesFREEDMAN, Barnyard Records, 2008

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