The songbooks below each contain 65 of my tunes. The tunes have been played and recorded by Saint Dirt Elementary School, The Mykfreedmans, Martin Haynes and Driver and Laila and Smitty as well as other ensembles. Each tune is designed to be playable in a variety of contexts, tempos, and instrumentations.

Below are both books available for free download.

Book IDownload book I: saint-dirt-songbook-i.pdf

Book IIDownload book II: saint-dirt-elementary-school-songbook-ii.pdf

If you download a book, and are feeling friendly, do consider dropping me a line via the contact page to let me know who you are and what you’re up to.  A friend once showed me a video of her 12-year-old piano student performing an original arrangement of Sara Move with Me to Canada and it nearly melted my heart.


Playlist featuring versions of many of the tunes recorded by different ensembles (in alphabetical order):

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