Sandcatchers at National Sawdust, Brooklyn
Yoshie Fruchter-oud, Tim Keiper-drums, Michael Bates-bass, Myk 8 string lap steel
Saint Dirt Elementary School at the Music Gallery, Toronto
Julia Hambleton-clarinet, Kai Koschmider-alto, Mike Overton-bass, Jake Oelrichs-drums, Ryan Driver-analog synth, Myk-8 string lap steel, Wes Cheang-guitar
John Zorn and Myk Freedman
Improvising on lap steel with John Zorn at The Stone, NYC


Miners at HUT in Northampton. Jesse Olsen Bay, Lindsey Stormo, Myk Freedman

Bing and Ruth at Le Poisson Rouge, NYC
David Moore-piano, unknown cello, Jean Rohe-voice, Leigh Stewart-cello, Jeremy Viner-clarinet, Will Mcevoy-bass, Pat Breiner-clarinet, Myk- 8 string lap steel, Chris Berry-drums
Hadar Ensemble, NYC
Myk-lap steel, Jake Shulman-Ment-violin, Sam Weisenberg-percussion, Ilusha Tsinadze-banjo, Joey Weisenberg-voice/guitar, Eleonore Weill-voice, Yosef Goldman-voice
Sandcatchers with Erik Friedlander at Vibromonk Studios, Brooklyn
Erik Friedlander, Myk, Yoni Halevy, Yoshie Fruchter, Michael Bates
Laila and Smitty at Mister Rogers, Brooklyn
Myk- 8 string lap steel, Jeremiah Lockwood- guitar, Adam Hopkins-bass, Kenny Warren-voice/trumpet, Carlo Costa-drums
Myk playing his signature model lap steel at National Sawdust, Brooklyn
The Ephemeral String Band busking with special guests sitting in, Amherst
Molly Merritt,-guitar Maggie Shar-banjo, Myk- lap steel and Meyer
Saint Dirt Elementary School playing in a dry fountain, Toronto
Ryan Driver,-melodica Tania Gill-melodica, Julia Hambleton-clarinet, Kai Koschmider-alto, Jake Oelrichs-drums, Wes Cheang-guitar, Mike Overton-bass, Myk – 8 string lap steel

Anna M. Maynard Performing with Sarah Konner at Smith College, 2019


The Myk Freedman signature model 8 string lap steel on a block of wood.
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