Sandcatchers at National Sawdust, Brooklyn
Yoshie Fruchter-oud, Tim Keiper-drums, Michael Bates-bass, Myk 8 string lap steel
Saint Dirt Elementary School at the Music Gallery, Toronto
Julia Hambleton-clarinet, Kai Koschmider-alto, Mike Overton-bass, Jake Oelrichs-drums, Ryan Driver-analog synth, Myk-8 string lap steel, Wes Cheang-guitar
John Zorn and Myk Freedman
Improvising on lap steel with John Zorn at The Stone, NYC
Bing and Ruth at Le Poisson Rouge, NYC
David Moore-piano, unknown cello, Jean Rohe-voice, Leigh Stewart-cello, Jeremy Viner-clarinet, Will Mcevoy-bass, Pat Breiner-clarinet, Myk- 8 string lap steel, Chris Berry-drums
Hadar Ensemble, NYC
Myk-lap steel, Jake Shulman-Ment-violin, Sam Weisenberg-percussion, Ilusha Tsinadze-banjo, Joey Weisenberg-voice/guitar, Eleonore Weill-voice, Yosef Goldman-voice
Sandcatchers with Erik Friedlander at Vibromonk Studios, Brooklyn
Erik Friedlander, Myk, Yoni Halevy, Yoshie Fruchter, Michael Bates
Laila and Smitty at Mister Rogers, Brooklyn
Myk- 8 string lap steel, Jeremiah Lockwood- guitar, Adam Hopkins-bass, Kenny Warren-voice/trumpet, Carlo Costa-drums
Myk playing his signature model lap steel at National Sawdust, Brooklyn
The Ephemeral String Band busking with special guests sitting in, Amherst
Molly Merritt,-guitar Maggie Shar-banjo, Myk- lap steel and Meyer
Saint Dirt Elementary School playing in a dry fountain, Toronto
Ryan Driver,-melodica Tania Gill-melodica, Julia Hambleton-clarinet, Kai Koschmider-alto, Jake Oelrichs-drums, Wes Cheang-guitar, Mike Overton-bass, Myk – 8 string lap steel

Anna M. MaynardPerforming with Sarah Konner at Smith College, 2019


The Myk Freedman signature model 8 string lap steel on a block of wood.
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