Myk loves to use the tarot to help friends and community members. He sees himself as a guide in the process, using his deep knowledge of the deck to help the person on the other side of the table get clarity on what’s going on for them. 

Myk believes that we are often discouraged from making decisions not rooted in logic, yet much of life is mysterious, even when thoroughly examined.  Tarot is a tool that can help us explore other aspects of ourselves and bring intuition into our daily lives. It’s an experience full of wonder, excitement, and fun. 

Myk conducting a reading at Community Yoga in Greenfield

A tarot reading is a collaborative process between Myk, you, and the cards. The tarot can be spookily on point, but even when it’s not it’s still a wonderful way to look at an issue from unexpected angles.  Myk will help clarify what the issue is, set up a spread, and tell you what the cards say in a way that is clear and meaningful to your situation. You’ll be invited to notice your own reactions, thoughts, and feelings, to the cards. Even if it feels like randomness and chance, you might try taking them seriously. What then? Through this process, your own intuition has an opportunity to come into focus.

Myk came to the cards after having a persistent intuition that it was what he needed at that time.  Through immersing himself in tarot knowledge, he reconnected with a part of his own family history.  His Romanian grandmother, with whom he’d grown up, had learned to lay the cards as a teenager while in a Romanian prison for supposedly being a spy (but really just being a Jew in Eastern Europe).  Among the many skills she learned while in jail was the art of reading the cards from a group of Roma women who looked after her until her eventual escape.  Myk’s childhood was filled with hearing the wild tales of her life. And while she had not taught him to read, it’s through the cards, humor, and storytelling that he now feels a deep connection to her and the wisdom she shared with him over the years.

To book a reading:

Myk is scheduling readings at Community Yoga in Greenfield, MA by appointment only: Wednesdays 8pm-10pm & Fridays 10am-5pm.
Other times are available upon request.
Cost: special summer introductory rate $40 (1hour reading)

He’s also available for private events in the Pioneer Valley.



“Getting my Tarot cards read by Myk was transformative. Using the symbols of the cards he helped me reveal my own inner wisdom and come to a greater understanding of myself”.

-Julia Hambleton

“Myk read tarot for our wedding guests where he welcomed folks of all ages and levels of familiarity with the practice to join him in short readings. Everyone commented how warm and thoughtful he was as he guided them through the readings, led primarily by their own interpretations and supplemented with his wisdom and intuition. Myk’s readings added an opportunity for personal reflection for the guests at our wedding, something that is challenging to facilitate as hosts with so many guests to tend to on a busy day. We greatly appreciate the joy Myk brought to our guests through his work.”

-Mariah Kurtz

“I remember the tarot reading you gave me on my birthday very well.  It felt like ripples on a lake after a pebble went in. Enchanting. . . It’s a great focus and I’m so thankful to you for being such a gentle guide into knowing myself a little better”.

-Alex Lukashevsky

“I’m really grateful for the reading.  I’m skeptical and nervous about “fortune-telling”, but once I said “yes”, I found the reading to be really helpful, and a touchstone to my practice while I was in NY”.

-Michael Herring

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