Shubb SP1 Pearse Bar:
Its light weight allows for speed.
Its length is great for 8 strings.
And I love the bullet-hybrid design.

Hilton Electronics Volume Pedal:
This is kind of expensive for a volume pedal but it’s well worth it.  Before I bought this one I used to burn through one a year!  But this one’s specifically designed to be used constantly.  I’ve had mine over ten years and not a single issue.

In my opinion this little device should come standard with every steel.  There’s so much you can do with them on the instrument.  I use mine in so many contexts.  There are some bands I’ve worked with where I only play using an Ebow, never plucking the strings once.

Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb Pedal:
I love how this pedal compresses the signal and makes it sound slightly digital even when running through a tube amp.  Not for everyone!  But I find it adds a quality I really appreciate.  I wonder if it’s on purpose (probably not).

Timmy Distortion Pedal:
When I’m on the road or on a recording session where I’m not able to use my trusty Laney LC15R and its built in drive, I use this to recreate the distortion I crave.  Does a pretty great job of fostering organic overdrive.

Not much to say here other than this is the Myk Freedman signature model I spent years designing with Chris Fouke from Industrial Guitars.  ((best steel ever!!! – just saying))
Freedman 8 Lap Steel

Screenshot 2016-03-03 at 11.20.17 AM

Gretch Gig Bag that fits the Freedman 8 perfectly:
I added some extra velcro across the middle so I wouldn’t have to worry about the zipper giving out and my steel spilling onto the street.  Once I did that, this thing was as good as gold, as if it was made for my steel.

Laney LC15R:
No longer in production (so sad!).  But they are relatively easy to come by used and for good prices.

Composite Acoustics Cargo 3/4 size acoustic guitar:
This is the instrument I used on my solo guitar record, Myk Freedman Plays Saint Dirt.  I love this guitar.  Such an interesting sound.  Some people scoff at the idea of a carbon fiber guitar.  I scoff at such people.

Therapy Bands.  Slide one of these under the steel while you play and it wont slide off you!:
Depending on the angle of your legs when you play you could face the issue of the instrument sliding off of you, which is very annoying.  I found these around the house and they did the trick perfectly and I didn’t have to do any actual mods to the instrument.  I love simple solutions 😉

Leatherman Charge:
Not exactly musical gear but having one handy on gigs has saved my hide enough times to warrant inclusion.



Please note, if you purchase any of these items by following the amazon links provided I will receive a small commission, for which I appreciate your support and thank you!

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